Upcoming Event: Raag Pravaah ~ 22 April, 2018

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राग प्रवाह …from Mind to Matter

(an offspring of Keep Alive)

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Savarkar Hall, Shivaji Park ~ 7.45 pm

Second Offering:

Bhimpalas ~ Kedar ~ Malkauns ~ Shivaranjani

The evening will present pure classical bandishes on each of the four ragas interspersed with GLIMPSES of Hindi film songs based on the said ragas.

Raag Pravaah will flow from the Four धाराs originating from Four दिशाs:

  • North: Anant Bhardwaj
  • East:   Anupama Roy
  • West:  Radhika Nanday
  • South: Nishanth S V

and will be seamlessly channelised through a मनोहर माध्यम to quench the thirst of the lovers of classical music and its multi-hued interpretations !

Raag is not a mere intellectualisation of music understood by the mind but music in its purest form producing various permutations and combinations of Swaras that one realises through sensations of bliss, devotion, love, joy, peace, sadness, serenity to name a few.

The Confluence of ChatuRang: Anant, Anupama, Radhika and Nishanth will present various interpretations of these unique Swara combinations through all forms of classical and semi-classical music and glimpses of their f~ilm~y implementations, transmitting राग प्रवाह from intellectual understanding to sensual experience, sensibilities to sensitivities, head to heart and hence from Mind to Matter.


For Sponsorship and Donor Passes, kindly contact:

Krishnan Iyer: 98204 77643

Manohar Iyer: 98205 35910

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Manohar Iyer

The author Manohar Iyer

Manohar Iyer breathes, eats, drinks, sleeps, walks and talks nothing but music. Through his brain-child Keep Alive and the recent offsprings thereof, he has been striving to resurrect the Golden Era of Hindi Films and Film Music and perpetuate the great cinematic and musical works of the legendary filmmakers, maestros. lyricists, singers, actors and others. For more details, kindly see 'About Us'.

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  1. A great start to a new experience of Keep Alive! I know it will transcend all boundaries because the singers are all Mahir in classical music. Looking forward to a great evening. Thank you.

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