Manohar Monologues on forgotTEN fACES ~ Sunday, 11 November 2018


Manohar Monologues on
forgotTEN fACES featuring
TEN prominent but now forgotten ACES of the 1930s and 1940s: Master Nissar ~ Jahan Ara Kajjan ~ Jairaj ~ Ruby Myers ~ Yakub ~ Devika Rani ~ Chandramohan ~ Sitara Devi ~ M Kumar ~ Naseem Banu through Slides ~ Scenes ~ Songs from their memorable films.

The TEN ACES of the tinsel town shone luminously on the cinematic firmament and straddled the filmy arena with infectious zeal and zest.

Some of them straddled from the silent era to the nascent talkie era; some from the contractual studio set up to the post independence freelance era. And soon faded away into oblivion and got relegated to the dust filled annals of Indian Cinema.

Manohar Monologues is to unravel the ‘sole’ful saga of these artistes who are now the forgotTEN~fACES having lots of aces up their sleeves in the ages bygone.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Savarkar Hall, Shivaji Park, 7.45 pm


The Event has the benevolent support of:

Shri Arun Todarwal

Shri Harshad Sheth

Sundaram Books

Western India Chemicals and Jai Kajal



For Sponsorship, Donor Passes and other details, kindly contact:

Krishnan: 98204 77643

Manohar: 98205 35910

Manohar Iyer

Manohar Iyer

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